Common questions

  • 1. What happens to my application?

    When you have filled out the application form and submit the application we will contact you when we find a work that matches. You must have a social security number, work permits or be familiar with Swedish/English in speech and writing. Your application will remain in our records for 3 months. If you don’t hear from us during that period please submit a new application.

  • 2. How much do I get paid?

    How much you earn as a distributor depends on how many hours you work and how much experience you have. Starting salary is 130 SEK/hour + "OB". We have a union agreement with Transportarbetareförbundet.

  • 3. What happens when my probation period runs out?

    Normally passes a probationary automatically to a permanent position, a permanent job. If you don't get any other information you have a permanent position when probation has expired. You will not receive a new proof of employment. The first proof of employment will apply for the permanent position.

  • 4. Which Trade Unions organises Tidningsbärarnas employees?

    Distributors is organised by Transportarbetareförbundet and the officials by Unionen.

  • 5. When am I working?

    This is a part time jobb and all distribution takes place during the early hours of the morning. Most schemes is sometime between 02:00 and 06:00 on weekdays, between 2 am and 7 am on weekends. Response time, the last time you should collect material you are going to distribute, varies depending on where you work. The actual working time may vary from night to night. You will get exact information of your working ours from your contact person at human resources.

  • 6. What equipment do I need?

    Tidningsbärarna have all the equipment you need, and you borrow it.

  • 7. What products do Tidningsbärarna distribute?

    Tidningsbärarna are also a postal operator. This means that you can get to distribute both post and morning newspapers, magazines, advertising, public service information, packages and other goods.

  • 8. How do I know what I'm going to distribute?

    You will borrow a handheld device that contains information about what you are going to distribute on the current day.

  • 9. Where do I get the material I'm going to distribute?

    We have many collection points and we strive to get your materials as close to the district you distribute in as possible. You will get exact information about your collection point from your contact person at human resources.