Vision & policies

Our vision
We are the best at time critical distribution of mail and morning newspapers, offering the highest quality at a competitive price.
We use smart solutions to distribute to individuals and corporations. We gladly cooperate with others.
We are proud citizens that work sustainably, smart, committed and together.

Tidningsbärarna is environmentally certified since 2010 and we are proud of our goal-oriented environmental work. We take responsibility for and work actively to prevent and surveil our impact on the environment all the way from supplier to customer.

Extract from the Environmental policy
Tidningsbärarna shall contribute towards a sustainable society. Our work for the environment is based on a holistic approach, continuous environmental improvements and a personal commitment.

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Today, the requirements on a modern distribution company are high. We want to be the most competent and efficient option and therefore the quality of our work is something we value highly and work with in many ways.

Our quality policy
Our ability to deliver mail and newspapers – to the highest quality and competitive price – is important for our customers, the environment and the society. Having the right knowledge, skills and tools contributes to top quality in all areas. Our processes works according to our vision of putting customer needs and expectations in focus.

We work sustainably, smart, committed and together…
… for satisfied customers.
… towards clear goals that we meet and follow up.
… with good conditions to do the right thing from the start.
… after clear routines.
… actively working for continued improvement.